Friday, October 8, 2010

Cupcakes are delicious!

I am a huge fan of Cupcake vineyards wines. The cabernet sauvignon is my alltime favorite. We recently went to the beach and I bought that and a bottle of Cupcake's sauvignon blanc to share with everyone else there. It turns out no one else was really all that into wine so I ended up drinking a lot of wine by myself. And no, that has nothing to do with how I hurt my ankle. That was sheer stupidity and my own clumsiness there. I'm better now but I'm certain people were thinking I needed to lay off the sauce after that little incident. Anyway, I don't have anymore Cupcake wines to share the label notes tonight but I cannot recommend these wines highly enough. Once again I bought the wine for the cute label/vineyard name and ended up being very pleasantly surprised. I love when that happens!

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